#CryptoExpo 2018
10 000+ participants
100+ stands
The largest crypto-exhibition in Europe
March 27−28 — Moscow, Russia
Central Exhibition Complex "Expocenter"
The digital economy - it's not a separate industry, in fact it's a way of life, a new basis for development of public administration system, economy, business, social sphere and the whole society.
— Vladimir Putin, The President of Russian Federation
About #CryptoExpo
Rapid growth of investments in cryptocurrencies
In 2017, the capitalization of seven largest Cryptocurrency increased more than eightfold, exceeding $100 billion
10,000+ members
100+ journalists
In one place will gather over 10,000 participants interested in the technology of blockchain and ICOs
60 expert speakers in cryptocurrency and ICOs
Speakers-practitioners will talk about where to invest and how to make profits in the growing market of cryptocurrencies and ICOs
$300 million on ICO, in total, were attracted by our speakers.
The one of the main topics will be on how to launch a successful ICO.
And how does russian companies attracted $300 million for their projects.

The #CryptoExpo 2018 is -
The largest two-day blockchain-exhibition in Europe.
More than 100 companies will present their stands at the "Expocenter":
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Investment funds
  • Companies starting ICO
  • Providers of crypto-mining equipment
  • Blockchain-platforms
  • Trading apps and services
  • Software developers
  • Other specialized organizations

    Ilya Sachkov
    CEO Group-IB
    International company specializing in the prevention and investigation of high-technology crimes
    Sergey Polikanov
    Sberbank CIB
    Konstantin Goldstein
    Chief technical evangelist, lead blockchain strategist
    Roman Povolotzskii
    Leader of "CYBER RUSSIA"
    Organizer of educational programs and hackatons on Blockchain, VR / AR, AI and other cross-cutting competences of the digital economy.
    Vladislav Kochetkov
    Chairman of the board FINAM
    The largest Russian retail broker, as well as an investment group, specializing in providing trader and investment banking services.
    Igor Lebedev
    Decentralized global supercomputer for fog computing
    Artem Shatilov
    Director of Marketing and Product in KickCity
    KickCity is a decentralized Platform for Event Management and Promotion of Events
    Sergey Voropaev
    CEO Crypto Syndicate
    Crypto Syndicate combines several crypto funds to evaluate the most reliable projects for investment.
    Robert Orlando (USA)
    The system is developed on Blockchain 3.0 technologies, in which the ALTYN COIN cryptocurrency (ALT) performs the functions of electronic money and has the potential to become a unified cryptocurrency for the SCO countries. (speech in English)
    Pavel Novikov
    CEO of FinTech&Blockchain "Skolkovo Fund" center
    The Center for Financial Technologies of the Skolkovo Foundation is engaged in the commercialization of innovative start-ups for the financial sector, and also helps corporations and venture funds to find and invest in unique Russian projects.
    Gribanov Oleg
    CEO is the largest p2p-carsharing start-up in Russia

    Nikolay Volosyankov
    CEO CryptoEvent
    Organizer of large crypto-events in the CIS.
    Anatoliy Radchenko
    Co-founder of
    A modern investment and financial company that develops unique software for trading on the stock exchange.

    Dmitry Vasiliev
    Manager on partner relations of the trading platform
    Stanislav Ivlev
    CEO of С&B
    The organization is responsible for implementation of blockchain technology into the ecosystem of large enterprises.
    Ivan Koval-Zaitsev
    A professional trader, a pioneer in investing in ICO.
    Andrey Marinich
    CEO (Marinich&Co)
    International level expert in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, investment consultant at ARROW TOKEN FUND
    Katerina Kaminskaya
    ICObench manager
    ICObench - digital rating platform
    Dmitry Karpilovskiy
    Investor in cryptocurrencies.
    Since 2010 he has mined 5000+ BTC.
    Suvorov Vladimir
    SD DATA lab
    Expert on Big Data. Capitalization of projects $60 million.
    Kosuke Takada (Japan)
    Extravaganza International, Inc.
    Manufacturer and supplier of software. (speech in English)
    Timur Karimbaev
    CEO and co-founder Human Discovery Platform and GetCourse
    IT-professional with 15-year experience in the development of complex systems
    50 more speakers
    the list of speakers is replenished
    Location: Expocenter
    CEC "Expocenter" (m.Vystavochnaya, Moscow-City),
    The largest site (165 thousand square meters) for setting important business and industry events in Russia. It is here that a large-scale festival for fans of games Wargaming WG Fest, the Internet week RIW-2017, IT-exhibition GITEX, etc. is held.

    The speeches are held in 3 halls:
    • The main hall: investments in ICO and crypto-currencies. Immersion in the world of crypto-currency and investment.
    • Hall "Marketing ICO": those who will conduct ICO
    • Technology Hall: for it and startup specialists

    March 27, participants with tickets Business and VIP will continue to communicate in an informal atmosphere at the incendiary #CryptoParty in one of Moscow clubs.

    Choose a ticket
    #CryptoExpo 2018
    March 27-28
    Cost at day of the event:
    3 000rub (53$)

    990 rub
    • Access to the exhibition hall for 2 days
    • Participant package
    Cost at day of the event:
    25 000rub (446$)

    4 900 rub
    • Access to the exhibition hall for 2 days
    • Participant package
    • Access to the main hall (investment in ICO and cryptocurrencies)
    • Acess to video of speeches in main hall
    Cost at day of the event:
    50 000rub (895$)
    14 900 rub
    • Access to the exhibition hall for 2 days
    • Participant package
    • Access to all halls
    • Separate check-in desk
    • Video recording of all speeches
    • Access to the #CryptoParty with speakers and investors
    Cost at day of the event:
    100 000rub (1 785$)
    49 900 rub
    • Access to the exhibition hall for 2 days
    • Participant package
    • Acess to all halls
    • Separate check-in desk
    • Video recording of all speeches
    • VIP lunch with speakers and investors
    • Transfer to #CryptoExpo and #CryptoParty
    • Acess to the #CryptoParty with speakers and investors
    #CryptoParty after the #CryptoExpo

    After the #CryptoExpo occurs participants with tickets
    "Business" and "VIP" will have access to #CryptoParty with speakers from conference and investors.

    By tradition of the event, good music, quality drinks and interesting people await you throughout the whole party.

    Feel free to exchange business cards, find customers, partners and new employees.

    #CryptoParty in Saint-Petersburg before New Year
    Organizer of large business events:
    Cryptoconference 2017 at the Technopark Skolkovo,
    "SMM-barbecue", "Big Investment Forum", "Naked Business", "Congress of Millionaires", "Business on Amazon"

    More information:

    Informational partners
    Central Exhibition Complex "Expocenter"
    27-28 March 2018

    Krasnopresnenskaya nab., 14

    What is blockchain?
    A block chain is a distributed database where storage devices are not connected to a shared server. This database stores an ever-growing list of ordered records, called blocks. Each block contains a timestamp and a link to the previous block.

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    What is cryptocurency?
    These are monetary units (in another sense they are called "coins" or "tokens"), protected by cryptographic technologies. There is no physical analogue to these monetary units, they exist only in virtual space. Tokens are protected from forgery, because they represent encrypted information that can not be copied (using cryptography and defined the prefix "crypto" in the name).

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    What is ICO and pre-ICO?
    ICO, or Initial Coin Offering (primary placement of tokens) is a mechanism for raising funds, under the terms of which future crypto currency is sold for current, liquid virtual money. You list ICO bitcoins or ethers, and in return receive tokens of the new project. This is another realization of the crowdfinding model, when participants finance the development of the company now in order to get some good from it in the future.

    PreICO is the stage preceding the ICO (main stage) of raising funds for the project. PreICO is conducted to test the demand for the project, as well as to check and get support from the community, to expand the budget for marketing before the main ICO. Not every project carries out preICO.

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